Exploring Gothenburg

Despite the rainy start to my time in Gothenburg, by the time Saturday came and my meetings were complete for the week, the sun was out! It is a handsome city with distinctive architecture. But despite the often grand buildings, it has a pretty laid-back feel and a little less ‘polished’ than Stockholm. IMG_20180915_111748548_HDRGothenburg is an easy city to explore thanks to the handy tram network which extends all the way out to Saltholmen: the departure point for ferries to the archipelago. Having visited one of Stockholm’s islands, I had to see how Gothenburg’s compared… so I took a ferry to Brännö, just a 20 minute journey from the mainland (and all included on my public transport travel pass: bonus!) It was a beautiful day to be on the island: bright, breezy, and warm. Despite a ferry-load of people arriving on the island, the crowds soon dispersed and I had a peaceful couple of hours exploring the island.IMG_20180915_131742775On my last day in Gothenburg, I spent some time at the Röda Sten Konsthall: a modern art gallery in a renovated boiler plant. Quite a contrast to the quaint summer houses and fisherman’s shacks on Brännö! The theme of the exhibition was ‘Shout Fire!’ with all of the artworks intending to spark discussion about democracy, activism, and cultural autonomy: fitting given the current political context here in SwedenIMG_20180916_122629300_HDR



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